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Coaching & Supervision

I offer coaching and supervision processes for leaders, decision-makers, or employees who are in key roles and handle complex topics: taking on leadership functions, tackling new tasks or challenges in their role. In particular, I support women in leadership positions or on their way to such roles. For me, the focus is on the individual and the organization in context, both of which I view from a holistic approach.

My approach

I support my clients in finding their authentic path in a demanding work environment. Coaching and supervision processes create a safe space for personal role-related development and provide clarity in complex issues. It is essential to reflect on one's own personal perception to successfully open up to new perspectives. As a sparring partner, I facilitate this growth process and help navigate challenges in the work context.


In my counseling, I primarily focus on personality in its work-related role to enable effective development. When the inner compass is calibrated, the path becomes clear, and personal resources remain sustainable. For leaders who are new to their roles, I assist in exploring their concept of leadership and finding their authentic stance.


Both internal and external communication are essential factors for effective collaboration. Dialogue skills, solution orientation, conflict resolution, and leadership competence are among the topics I support in coaching and supervision processes based on my expertise. I look forward to hearing from you via phone or email.

About me

My professional background lies in the field of marketing and communication, where I have worked for over ten years in various institutions and organizations. My career path has taken me from agency life to state cultural institutions and public-sector structures, guiding me to diverse work environments.


With expertise in digital communication, PR, marketing & sales, as well as event management, my career transitioned into the realm of classical music, specifically opera and concert operations. Leading teams and employees has also been a significant part of my experience. I understand what it means to navigate through complex structures and assume leadership responsibilities.

During my time as a cultural manager, I have increasingly delved into holistic concepts of personal development in recent years. Within the frameworks of approaches such as yoga and subconscious exploration, I have gained valuable competencies and skills. I integrate this knowledge, which significantly contributes to the connection of body, mind and soul, into my counseling. It contributes to a sustainable success mindset and mental well-being, providing the tools necessary for effective leadership. Specifically, I assist my clients, upon request, in overcoming mental blocks using various tools to fully harness their potential. Strengthened and empowered, they can effectively and, most importantly, healthily tackle professional challenges.

I offer coaching and supervision both in person and via Zoom.

Coaching Sarah Weissberg
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