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Sarah Weissberg
Cosmic Empowerment

Welcome! Happy to have you...

My name is Sarah and I show women and especially moms that it is possible to realign our inner compass at any point in time. With ThetaHealing, a wonderful energy healing technique, we effectively remove barriers and make space for transformation. Yoga and Astrology are tools to reconnect with your intuition. Because I am firmly convinced that we are the creators of our reality. 


To me, this is sustainable Female Empowerment.

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Removing barriers & making space for transformation

Yes, that’s possible! In concrete terms, it means leaving behind all those behaviors that are no longer useful and thus clearing the way for a fulfilled life. 

In my work I use the energetic healing method ThetaHealing®, with which it is possible to effectively release deeply anchored beliefs and patterns in the subconscious and replace them with new, positive beliefs. This allows us to connect with our deepest essence and bring lasting change into our lives.


I support you regarding professional matters, as well as relationship or personally related challenges. In the 1:1 sessions, I support my clients in taking responsibility for their lives and becoming a new authentic version of themselves. This is done in a gentle manner, with the client remaining in the driver's seat at all times.

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Be the woman who decides to go for it. 


Good Vibes Only

My understanding of yoga has matured over the years and has constantly developed and transformed through my own practice and not least through the Teacher Training in Bali. I believe that yoga is for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi. Whether you’re stretchy or not. With my classes I want to pave the way for yourself and let you realize what you need - and what you want to let go of.

My classes are flowy, based on the principles of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow elements. They are embedded in a theme that is inspired by the current cosmic vibes and accompanies us throughout the practice.

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The ThetaHealing session with Sarah was beyond healing. I wanted to connect to myself and my intuition on a deeper level. Childhood memories came up where I felt different. We healed the belief of feeling different and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and my heart opened. My body and energetic field was pleasantly tingling throughout the session. Sarah intuitively knew what to say, giving the exact words to what I was feeling or seeing in my mind's eye. After the session I feel a certain calmness and openness in my whole system. I feel a connection to myself I have not felt for years. 

Gioia R.



Your cosmic footprint

I understand the individual chart as a screenshot of the starry sky at the time of your birth. It may reveal a lot more about you than you think! The birth chart shows strengths that you can apply even more consciously in the different areas of life (houses). And you can identify and classify challenges even more specifically. I will interpret your chart in an understandable and practical way in a personal conversation (via Zoom). I offer basic birth chart readings or as more in-depth transit readings (you choose your desired period and subject area). ​ You will receive your birth chart as a drawing and the recording of our conversation.

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About me
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The subject of personal development found me as part of my professional career. Working with my coach allowed me to see how systems and the people inside them work. I was fascinated by changing perspectives and understanding the motives and patterns in which people act. As a young female „Head of“, I was also able to learn how I understand leadership and leading teams. The discourse of “Female Leadership” had a strong influence on me has accompanied me on my journey to this day. Not least during the pandemic, I was able to (re)discover very powerful energetic coaching and healing methods. My spiritual journey began almost three years ago with an Astrology workshop in my Yoga studio at the time. I got introduced to the method of ThetaHealing, which particularly fascinated me. It showed me that I can design my life exactly the way I want it to be. Over the past very eventful years, I have been able to reconnect to myself. After the birth of my son, I decided to put the career ladder aside and continue to push forward the issues that concerned me from a different role. A time of break that I filled with traveling around the world, spending quality time with my family and immersing myself in new areas. Now I can fill several roles: I am a ThetaHealing coach, yoga teacher, mother - and I am happy to pass on my knowledge.

Disclaimer: ThetaHealing® serves to activate the self-healing powers. It is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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